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       Pretty In Ink is a female and non-binary owned and operated private tattoo studio in the heart of downtown Alameda. We create custom tattoos according to your specifications to make a unique piece of art for you to wear with you always.

Call to make an appointment for a free consultation with one of our artists 510.263.8004

We primarily operate by appointment which requires a deposit, but we are happy to take walk ins when time allows.  Walk ins are seen on a first come first served basis.  Feel free to give us a call to see if we might have time to see you without an appointment.

Open Every Day 10AM – 6PM

Parking can be sparse in Alameda on the weekends.  We recommend parking in the movie theater parking lot located on Oak st. between Central and Santa Clara.  The rate is cheaper than metered parking, and the time limit is longer as well.

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Reviews are very helpful to us for visibility and meeting new clients!  If you enjoyed your experience with us, please feel free to write us a review on Yelp ,Google, or Facebook.  It is much appreciated.


  1. Hey Amy, I’m looking to get a tattoo from you and was hoping you could design one for me. I’m interested in that prodigious tattoo 1007 I believe was the number. I’m trying to put it on the inside of my upper arm so I want something like that but that doesn’t taper off to the sides. I’d like to incorporate some blue in there that goes with the dark brown somehow. Thank you

  2. Hi Amy! My name is Kaitlin and I’m actually from Oregon as well! I’m looking to get my first tattoo here next week for my 27th birthday and I’d love to run my ideas by you and see what you think and pricing and all that since I’ve never done this before. Looked at your stuff and I love it.
    Hope to hear from ya soon!

  3. Hello’ my name is george and i was looking at your work and i love it. Im looking to get an aztec chest piece’ i have a few ideas but i still need help. I would love to hear back from you … thank you

  4. I want Johnny Depp on my arm, not on shoulder.
    I want him on the front of my arm, just under the
    Bending of it. By the elbow but in the front. I’m still not sure
    About a character, but I’m sure is Johnny Depp!
    Maybe capt. Jack Sparrow or The Maddhatter! Find
    My Johnny Depp page here! I’m the owner.
    “Johnny Depp a man of many faces”

  5. Hi my name is jose perez I would like to know the price for a tattoo! Saint judas tadeo and the Virgin of Guadalupe in my arms

  6. Hi there, my sister and I are thinking of getting smaller tattoos this Friday and was wondering what you charge( if you have a minimum) and any time available around noon or one or two? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Thank you!

  7. Hello,
    I’m interested in getting an arrow tattoo done and I was hoping to get a consultation and pricing information.


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