Amy Muller

Amy is the owner at Pretty In Ink. Amy started tattooing in 2009 under Rio Degennarro in Portland, OR. She worked in Portland for nearly 5 years before moving to LA for a brief stint. Amy worked in Hollywood for a year before moving back to her hometown in the bay area to open up her own shop. Amy’s dream was to create a welcoming artistic environment to host her clients and she has found this at Pretty In Ink. Amy strives to create a shop that is comfortable for people from all walks of life.  Amy specializes in traditional and neo-traditional styles of tattooing as well as black work and black and grey. Amy loves working with color but also appreciates the simplicity in black work tattoos. She loves working with dark, weird, and feminine themes.  She loves doing floral and botanical tattoos as well as working with animal and magical imagery.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your tattoo ideas, email Amy at

View Amy’s most recent tattoo work and flash here on her Instagram

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